Amazon can barely keep these weird things in stock because they're so genius

2022-12-03 18:41:34 By : Ms. Tina Chen

Who doesn’t love a quirky product that works?

Throughout the day-to-day, there are often those moments where you think, “If only I had a [insert strange object] to accomplish [insert annoying daily task].” It could be dealing with the conundrum of how to store your seasonal items when you have zero extra space or figuring out how to get up in the morning without hitting the snooze button 22 times. This list is here to help you: Amazon can barely keep these weird things in stock because they’re so genius. M12 Flange Nut

Amazon can barely keep these weird things in stock because they

Feast your eyes on vacuum storage bags that will literally reduce even seriously bulky items like comforters to 80% of their original size. Or get yourself out of bed in the morning by chasing around an alarm clock on wheels that will jump, turn, shake, and hide from you to get your blood pumping fast.

Whether it’s a condiment fork made especially for extracting pickles, peppers, or olives, or a food chopper that does all the work for you, these niche items will have you sailing through the day with ease.

There’s nothing both weirder and more wonderful than watching a bag full of thick sweaters be reduced down to the size of a T-shirt. These vacuum storage bags allow you to store your bulky and seasonal items with ease and they work with any vacuum. They’re fully waterproof to prevent moisture or mildew damage and even come with their own travel pump for use on the road. They’re obviously popular with over 87,000 reviews on Amazon and are available in a six-pack with sizes ranging from small to jumbo.

Though this reversible sherpa blanket might not resemble your usual sofa throw, you will assuredly be tempted to curl up in it with a choice of either a cozy faux sheepskin or plush microfiber cashmere side. It’s available in six different sizes as well as 17 rich colors such as hunter green, navy, and burnt orange. Wash it easily on the cold water cycle and tumble dry low to keep it clean and cozy for the long run.

Give treasured decor items a special place to shine with this unusual but definitely chic floating shelf that comes with three modern minimalist cubes of different sizes. Each cube is designed with pre-drilled holes as well as screws and drywall anchors for a secure installation. Choose between several different finishes ranging from espresso to white to suit your space and arrange them in any configuration you like.

These Swedish dishcloths with over 47,000 reviews may look like a strange combination of part sponge and part rag, but you will be astounded by their versatility. They can be used wet or dry on surfaces ranging from glass or wood to marble or stainless steel. Able to absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid, they are also ingeniously reusable up to 100 times. Plus, they come in tons of bright and cheerful colors to add charm to any kitchen.

Say hello to relaxation on demand with this aromatherapy diffuser that comes with 10 essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, or orange. Not only will it infuse the surrounding air with relaxing scents, but it also features 15 light modes including seven mood lights that are perfect for nighttime. It’s a popular pick with over 58,000 reviews and comes with lots of adjustability in the form of timers and ultrasonic mist strength.

Snooze abusers feast your eyes on this bizarre but effective alarm clock on wheels that will not only force you out of bed but will also get you running around the bedroom. This wily clock will jump from a height of up to three feet, roll, shake, change directions abruptly, and even hide to get your heart rate fully up and at ‘em. It features a loud alarm and gives you the option to snooze only one precious time.

These clever shoe organizers are designed to take advantage of that under-bed storage space perfectly. They come in a set of two with one fitting up to 16 pairs of shoes and the other storing four pairs of boots. Made of sturdy, breathable fabric and transparent plastic covers, they include durable handles to remove them and grab what you need on demand easily.

Moved into a new place and plagued by a subtle stink you struggle to identify? Turn to this ingenious UV flashlight that uses the power of blacklight to instantly reveal the location of those stealthy stains so they can be dealt with once and for all. The flashlight requires six AA batteries (not included) and features 50 powerful LED lights that detect dog urine, bed bugs, and scorpions (to name a few) even in daylight.

Hang pants neatly and securely with these trouser hangers that have a nonslip rubber coating. They have over 14,000 reviews with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating and promise to not damage clothing with their rubber tips and open-ended design. They come in a pack of 20, with each hanger able to handle up to a hefty 10 pounds.

Get the most out of your Barre classes with these grip socks that feature a nonslip sole. They come in a pack of four pairs with a ballet-esque elastic strap and keep feet secure on slippery floors. Sizes range from small to extra-large and can be additionally used for pilates, yoga, or simply walking around the house. Choose from tons of other styles from fuzzy, terry cotton crew socks to more athletic designs.

Keep your tablets, phone, or e-readers neatly organized while they charge using this ingenious USB charging station that can handle up to six devices. Moveable dividers are included and even glow blue to indicate current charging, turning off when the cycle is complete. The ports feature universal compatibility on top of getting devices charged at a faster rate.

This innovative running armband takes no chances with your best friend in tow (i.e. your phone) by providing a pocket that zips up for extra security. It’s made of a combination of sweat-proof nylon and spandex and comes in four sizes ranging from small to extra-large. It comes available in seven shades including black, pink, and neon.

This face roller is made with a detachable gel-filled head designed to become delightfully cold in the freezer. Roll it over the face in upward and outward motions to soothe inflammation and boost circulation. You can even use it with your preferred skincare products to get the most out of those expensive cosmetics.

You might instinctually start to freak out when you watch the way this weird yet wonderful foot peel mask turns back the clock on your heels. Slip the rose-scented booties on for an hour and then prepare to see old, dry skin slough away over the next two weeks to unveil the soft skin underneath. Over 64,000 reviewers have weighed in on the wonder of this product, which comes in a pack of two pairs. Choose from lots of other enticing scents on offer such as jasmine or peach.

Keep fingers in fighting-fit shape with this bitter nail polish that cleverly prevents habitual nail biting. It goes on with a clear coat and is made with a safe formula free of 17 of the most common toxins found in polish. Apply several coats every few weeks to deter biting, but you don’t have to sacrifice your regular manicure – simply add it as the top layer to your favorite polish.

When it comes to skincare triage, all that’s required is one of these hydrocolloid pimple patches and a little beauty sleep. The patches are totally clear and feature a tapered edge so as to look almost invisible on any skin tone, making them wearable even during daylight hours. When the center becomes an opaque white, they’re ready to be removed and you’ll be ready to move blissfully on with your day.

If you or your partner’s facial hair feels more like some type of sanding equipment, turn to this beard care kit that includes lots of conditioning products for a soft result. Included in the kit is a beard wash, conditioner, balm, and oil, as well as a dual-sided beard comb. All of the products are infused with a woodsy sandalwood scent and are free of skin-irritating chemicals.

This manicure filing set comes with not one but two different kinds of files, with both made of Czech glass for a smoother and more precise edge. A straight file is included that is perfect for quickly reducing nail length, and an ergonomic, curved file works to gently yet precisely shape the nail. Each comes with its own carrying case and is available in other fun shades like “sunset” or “sea spritz.”

This cleverly-designed slicker brush allows you to remove tangles, knots, and mats from your pet’s fur and then, just as easily, remove hair from the brush itself. A button on the top of the handle triggers the bristles to retract, at which point the hair simply slips right off the brush for effortless disposal. The bristles feature plastic tips that are gentle on your pet’s skin yet tough enough to work their way through tangled hair.

Keep those blonde locks gleaming by using this purple shampoo that’s both sulfate and paraben-free. It gently counteracts brassy tones by using a formula full of moisturizing natural oils that additionally help restore dry and damaged hair. A little goes a long way with this product and will keep hair feeling soft, smooth, and protected.

This backlit vanity not only provides you with the bright light needed for detail-oriented makeup application but also includes two additional levels of magnification. It’s powered by AAA batteries but can also be conveniently charged via USB. A small tray at the bottom holds accessories and a swivel base helps you to find the perfect angle no matter where you are.

You may be familiar with hot water bottles or ice packs, but this ingenious aromatherapy heating pad takes fighting inflammation and stress one step further by adding relaxing lavender. Heat it up in the microwave or chill it in the fridge, then wrap it around the neck and shoulders for relaxing relief. The weighted pad is filled with flax seed and features a fleece lining that’s soft on your skin.

Treat yourself and your friends or family to this insulated tumbler that comes in a set of four for under $40. The tumbler is made of stainless steel and features double-wall insulation that keeps cold drinks chilled for 12 hours and hot drinks hot for up to six. They each have a 20-ounce capacity, come with protective lids, and include four metal straws in addition to a straw-cleaning brush.

Make the next trip to the beach or park that much more pleasant when you use these stainless steel wine tumblers that are shatterproof. They feature three layers of insulation so that, on top of being worry-free, they also keep your white wine chilled or your hot apple cider toasty. Four come in each set and are available in several other finishes such as a pink/green ombre shade and a black marble pattern.

Make sure that your wood-fired pizza oven or car engine is operating at the ideal temperature using this slightly unusual but highly accurate infrared thermometer. It can measure from 14 inches away temperatures ranging between -58 degrees and 1112 degrees Fahrenheit and is great for determining how hot or cold a variety of surfaces are around the house or garage. Two AAA batteries are included and a backlit LCD screen makes it easy to read.

This digital meat thermometer not only gives you an accurate reading within two to three seconds but you can also set an alarm to alert you when the correct temperature has been reached. It features a retractable probe as well as the ability to shift between celsius and Fahrenheit easily. In addition to meat, it can also be used for making candy or measuring oil temperature for deep frying.

Take your coffee to the next level of flavor with this pour-over coffee maker that features a clever reusable mesh filter made of stainless steel. Beyond being more eco-friendly than relying on single-use paper filters, the stainless steel also prevents flavorful natural oils from being stripped away from the beans. It can brew three to four cups and with the help of a cool-touch handle, doubles as a convenient carafe.

On top of staying fresher for longer, pantry items will look that much more well-organized when stored in this glass jar with an airtight seal. Choose from many available sizes and use them additionally for fermenting and preserving vegetables, fruits, kombucha, kefir, and more. Charming customizable chalkboard labels are included.

You may be wondering why anyone would want such a specific thing as cutting board feet, but once you experience chopping away on a super-secure surface, you’ll understand. They’re made of food-grade silicone rubber and come in a set of eight with one sitting directly under each corner of your cutting board. They won’t scratch your precious countertop surface and can even act as a trivet, being heat-safe up to 450 degrees.

Effortlessly chop veggies and fruit to your desired texture using this food chopper that comes with three interchangeable blades of different sizes. The blades are made of high-quality hardened stainless steel and won’t rust or become dull with use. As an extra bonus, the chopper can double as a container, complete with its own airtight lid.

Add a bit of extra peace of mind to daily life when you use this money bag to secure important items like your phone, cash, or medication. It comes in a portable size to easily fit in a handbag or backpack and can be unzipped using a three-digit combination. It’s made of sturdy nylon, has a padded foam lining, and comes in six colors such as black, blue, or berry.

This extremely ingenious reusable notebook with over 69,000 reviews gives lovers of analog writing and digital devotees the best of both worlds. It’s made with 36 pages that can be written on with the included erasable pen, but which can be quickly wiped clear using a wet microfiber cloth. Download the Rocketbook app to scan the pages and upload directly to the cloud service of your choice (like Google Drive or iCloud, for example) to have a digital copy of your notebook. For even more added functionality, this notebook integrates smart titles and smart searches so that it’s easy to find and organize content within your digital notes.

Treat your face to a deeper cleansing experience with this facial scrubber with soft, silicone bristles that promise not to irritate even the most sensitive skin. It comes in a pack of four and features an ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. Use the tiny small bristles at the top in conjunction with your favorite cleanser to exfoliate and remove that daily grime, and use the larger bristles at the bottom for a relaxing massage.

There’s no need to head to the spa when you can use this derma roller directly from home for refreshed and revitalized skin. The replaceable roller head features 192 stainless steel microneedles that gently exfoliate skin within mere minutes of use. Plus, it costs less than $10, which certainly beats having to dish out hundreds for the same treatment at your local spa.

If sitting down to work every day is adding unnecessary pain, consider getting yourself this seat cushion that conforms yet supports with the help of its memory-foam construction. It’s made with a cooling gel layer to keep you comfortable throughout the day and has an opening specifically designed to reduce tailbone pressure. It is clearly a popular choice with over 87,000 reviews and is available in either black, gray, or navy blue. Its velour can be conveniently tossed in the washing machine.

This little condiment fork may seem like it's meeting some pretty niche needs, but when you see how it effortlessly extracts pickles, peppers, or olives, you’ll understand its genius. It comes with its own storage holster that stays securely around the side of the condiment jar with the help of an elastic band and prevents messy drips. The prongs of the fork are made of stainless steel and the whole thing can go in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Streamline your tea brewing process using this beautiful tea cup with its own built-in stainless steel mesh infuser. The cup is made of glass, includes a glass lid, and has a large 16-ounce capacity that makes it great for brewing multiple cups at once. The strainer is made with a silicone ring around the top, making it cool to the touch for easy removal after your tea has finished steeping.

If it feels slightly dangerous to open your kitchen cabinets and search for the soy sauce, rejoice in this lazy susan turntable that will have your condiments stored in an orderly fashion. It’s made of clear acrylic and includes removable dividers so you can have either one, two, or four separate compartments. And the 360-degree rotation makes it so you don’t have to reach into the abyss for that long-lost chili oil.

Put the toolbox away because installing this under-cabinet lighting requires only the included self-adhesive for a secure mount. The LED strip runs 3 feet and doesn’t draw visual attention with its slim design. It’s powered by three AA batteries (not included) and is available in two lighting options: daylight white or warm white.

These ingenious kitchen storage containers all come with their own airtight, leakproof lids so that you can store chicken broth in the fridge just as easily as pasta in the pantry. Each BPA-free clear plastic set comes with seven containers of various sizes (two mini, two small, two medium, and one large). Stack them to save space and use the included customizable labels for even more organization.

Those that like to keep their car in tip-top shape will love this car vacuum that comes with three attachments to reach every small corner. Use the flathead hose, extension tube, or brush head to remove dirt and debris (hello all you long-lost cheez-its!) from impossible-to-reach places. The vacuum boasts a HEPA filter and plugs into the car’s 12-volt outlet with a 16-foot cord to clean everything from the dashboard to the trunk.

Keep spices both easily accessible and stylishly displayed with this spice rack organizer that includes 12 refillable glass jars. The jars all have a wide mouth for easy filling and the lids offer three different openings for dispensing different amounts of spice at a time, from a sprinkle to a pour. The rack rotates 360 degrees for quick access once cooking commences.

Add a warm aesthetic to the kitchen countertop or dining table with these bamboo wooden bowls that have magnetic swivel lids to keep contents fresh. They come in a set of two and can be used to store salt, pepper, spices, sugar, or even small accessories like paper clips or earrings, because why not? Keep them clean through the years with just a bit of warm water and soap.

Snagged an affordable, second-hand sofa but with some less-than-lovely burn holes? This strange but amazing fabric and carpet repair kit will have it looking like you bought it brand new in very little time. The kit comes with everything you need including nine color fibers, a spatula, a mixing jar, and fabric glue, to name just a few. Follow the provided directions and burn holes, tears, or rips will literally disappear before your eyes.

Amazon can barely keep these weird things in stock because they

High Tensile Hex Bolt On top of looking seriously glam, this pro-level electric wine opener cuts foil and extracts corks completely automatically. It’s cordless and comes with a rechargeable base. It only requires one touch of a button to remove corks and one full charge will allow you to open 30 bottles. Choose between three elegant finishes: black and rose gold, brushed black and silver, and white and rose gold.